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5 oaths of SEIHOKU   SEIHOKU holds 5 oaths based on our corporate mission
1.Let's protect our environment!
Let's protect planet Earth's precious natural environment that can never be replaced-The sea filled with rich water, which gave birth and brought up many different lives-the forest filled with lives, giving earth its beautiful green and clean oxygen.
We want to protect this peaceful and healthy natural environment forever.
So, let's start by planting one tree wherever on earth.
2.Let's enrich our living environment!
We are making our living by developing a city, and building residents. Earth is filled with green and the comfortable urban space. Living space surrounded with trees-these are necessary existence for our lives and health.
On earth, trees have been growing together with human beings and supported our wealthy living and civilization. We would like to live healthily surrounded by these precious resources.

3.Let's understand the mechanism of Nature!
As long as we live as human beings, we will challenge co-existing with nature and never forget that we too are a part of nature.
Let’s not give anymore burden on mother earth. At least make least of the load.
In order to do so, we must understand the mechanism of nature and develop technologies that will allow human society to adjust to that mechanism, and co-exist as long as we can.
4.Let's thank trees!
Human beings are a relatively new life form but are fighting with earth.
Let's learn how to be earth-friendly from creatures which has co-existed with earth for the longest. Those are trees.
They grow by accepting all sorts of different environments.
Moreover, they undergo photosynthesis taking in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Wonderful!
5.Let's reuse and recycle planted trees!
First of all, let's recycle "raw wood" that can efficiently be used and recycled as a resource of products. When this "urban raw resource (houses and furniture to be broken down)" product is out of use, collect it and break it into raw materials again and re-build a new product. In the end, they would also be used as heat energy or electric energy.
Of course all of this process must be done with the smallest impact on earth environment.
This is the eternal resource cycle! Learning from wood, this is the moment human beings become a part of earth!